The non-denominational Church of Christ in Utica, Ohio, invites you to study the Bible & worship God (in Licking county northeast of Columbus|near Mount Vernon, Newark, and Johnsburg
Visit the Hillcrest Church of Christ, Utica, Ohio.

"Speaking the truth in love" - Eph. 4:15

The Church of Christ in Utica Ohio invites you to Bible study & worship

The Church of Christ in Utica, Ohio, is a non-denominational local church like those you read about in the New Testament. We seek to follow just the Bible without any denominational names, organization, or creeds.

We invite you to study the Bible and worship with us. Our meetinghouse is located in Utica (Licking county), central Ohio, northeast of Columbus, between Newark, Johnstown, St. Louisville, Martinsburg, and Mount Vernon (Knox County).


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Family attending Hillcrest Church of Christ in Utica, Ohio

What Is the Church of Christ?

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Where We Meet

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Bible Study and Worship Times

The church of Christ invites you to join us for worship and study.

Bible classes for all ages: Sunday 9:30 AM
Worship assembly: Sunday 10:35 AM
Worship assembly: Sunday 6:00 PM
Bible classes for all ages: Wednesday 7:30 PM

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Church of Christ

"Speaking the truth in love" - Eph. 4:15

3457 Johnstown-Utica Road (US 62)
PO Box 266
Utica, Ohio 43080

For information or transportations, call (740) 892-2544
(Please use this number for inquiries about the local church only. For questions about Bible teaching, please email us.)

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Note carefully: No teaching presented by this church is ever intended or should ever be construed to justify or to in any way incite or encourage personal vengeance or physical violence against any person.