Live Stream of Sermons and Adult Bible Classes

Notes: (1) Before a live stream, reboot/restart your computer/phone. Close other programs that may be accessing the Internet.
(2) You may need to wait several minutes after the indicated time for a stream to start.
(3) It may help to click on the refresh button or the start arrow every few minutes till a stream begins.
(4) If you see the red dot in the lower left corner of the screen but do not see the live stream, click on the word "live" next to the red dot.
(5) If the stream glitches frequently or stops, click your browser refresh button and restart the stream as above. If necessary trying restarting the computer/phone.
(6) Note that other options at the bottom have settings for volume, fullscreen, etc.

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Complete list of videos by Trevor Brailey

Complete list of videos by David Pratte

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Meeting Times
You are invited to study the Bible and worship God with us.

Bible classes: Sunday 9:30 AM
Worship assembly: Sunday 10:35 AM
Worship assembly: Sunday 6:00 PM
Bible classes: Wednesday 7:30 PM

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